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ZnSe Beam Splitter
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The common beam splitters is used to split or combine laser beam. However polarization beam splitters are used to split or combine two perpendicular polarization laser beam.
The polarization beamsplitter are designed for use at 45 deg angle of incidence and 10.6um/1064nm wavelength.At this angle of incidence,there can be significant differences in the transmittance / reflectance values for S and P polarization.

Type No. Substrates Diameter Thickness Surface 1 reflectivity Polarizrtion
BRD-BS-1 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm 50% P-Pol
BRD-BS-2 ZnSe 25.4mm  3mm 50% S-Pol
 BRD-BS-3 ZnSe 25.4mm  3mm 50% Non-Pol

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