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Optical focusing lens
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The focusing lens usually has two convex curvature equal, the most suitable material and the like in the case of ratios from both sides of the lens, the image distance and object (conjugated ratio) at between 0.2 to 5. Lenticular widely used aggregation from a point light source or the image is transmitted to other optical systems, more suitable for use in a 1: 1 imaging and multi-component systems. Since the object and image distances are equal or approximately equal, the distortion can be minimized. So when the distance ratio (object distance: image distance) conjugate in 5: 1-1: between 5 and when you want to get a minimum of distortion, the lenticular lens is the best choice. Hironobu lenticular lens offers a variety of materials, including H-K9L, UV fused quartz.

MaterialFused silica/ Schott BK7 glass
Diamter tolerane+0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm
Focal length tolerance±1%
 Clear aperture >90% diameter
 Surface quality 40/20
 Surface accuracy lambda/4
 Chamfer <0.2mmX45deg
 Coating AR Coating

Type No.



 Focus length




 BRD-FL-112.7 30 1064
 BRD-FL- 218 55 1064
 BRD-FL-325 60 1064
 BRD-FL-425.4 50 1064
 BRD-FL-525.4 75 1064 
 BRD-FL-625.4100 1064
 BRD-FL-725.4120 1064
 BRD-FL-825.4150 1064
 BRD-FL-925.4250 1064
 BRD-FL-102830 1064
 BRD-FL-112870.8 1064
 BRD-FL-1228120 1064
 BRD-FL-1328160.5 1064
 BRD-FL-143550 1064
 BRD-FL-153680 1064
 BRD-FL-1641100 1064
 BRD-FL-1741162.5 1064
 BRD-FL-1852125 1064
 BRD-FL-192050 532
 BRD-FL-204180 532
 BRD-FL-2140120 532
 BRD-FL-2241200 532

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