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Cube BeamSplitter
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Cube beamsplitters consist of matched pairs of identical right angle prisms,with their hypotenuse faces cemented together. They have several advantages over plate beamsplitters and are widely used for a variety of reasons. This type of beamsplitter deforms much less when subjected to mechanical stress than does a plate beamsplitter .
Cube beamsplitters contain the narrowband cube bemsplitters and broadband cube bemsplitters.
Optical Specification:

MaterialBK7 optical glass
Dimension tolenance+/-0.2mm
 Surface accuracy  λ/4 632.8nm
 Absorption <10%
 Surface quality 40/20
 Transmittance/Reflectance  50/50 +/-5%
 Coating  Highly Effective Broadband Dielectric Coating Efficient broadband dielectric coating.

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